How Much is Okrika Bale In Cotonou

How Much is Okrika Bale In Cotonou 1

How Much is Okrika Bale In Cotonou

        The market for used clothing is a global one, with suppliers and buyers located all over the world. One of the primary destinations for used clothes is Benin City in Nigeria in Africa. Here, people are known as “Okrika traders” who buy bales of clothes from wholesalers in other parts of Africa and sell them to retailers and consumers. The price of these bales varies depending on factors, including the quality of the clothes and the current demand in Benin City. 

Used clothes have always been a hot commodity in Benin, and Cotonou, one of Benin’s major port cities, is one of the necessary routes for importing used clothes. What should I pay attention to when I want to buy used clothes in Cotonou? How should many people in business who want to engage in second-hand clothes act?
Based on our 8 years experience in second hand products , Hissen will provide you the appropriate suggestion for your target market.If you want to buy okrika bale,you need to know how to chooes the types of Okrika bale.Let me show you!


         According to the data on second-hand clothes import, Cotonou imports second-hand clothes mainly from European and American countries and China. China, in particular, is gradually becoming one of the main countries of consideration. The reason for this is that China’s economic development has increased, and their requirements for clothes have become higher, speeding up the frequency of clothes replacement. So the clothes from China are trendy, stable and cheap.


  1. Marché missèbo
  2. Marché Dantokpa
  3. Marché de Sainte-Rita
  4. Marché des Friperies

Where to buy shoes in Cotonou? Marché missèbo, Marché Dantokpa, Marché de Sainte-Rita, Marché des Friperies are some of the famous flea markets in Cotonou, which are located in the southeastern port of Benin. All these markets have one thing in common: they have many second-hand clothes stores, and according to local second-hand clothes and shoe retailers, they have more traffic on Mondays and Tuesdays, and they are very busy.

Supply and Demand

         Benin is a big market for second-hand clothes, and second-hand clothes are necessary. Their pursuit of beauty fashion is beyond our imagination. The high price of new clothes is not acceptable to them. Thus, in order to meet their fashion pursuit, second-hand clothes with low prices and various styles become their first choice. 

        Because the crazy demand of the customers has caused the market to pay attention, they keep importing second-hand clothes to developed countries to meet the local demand. Therefore, the price of second-hand clothes is more affordable in Cotonou.

How Much is Okrika Bale In Cotonou

        How much is Okrika bale in Nigeria? This is perhaps one of the most important concerns for retailers. It is important to consider how much is a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika? It needs to be and what price it can be sold for to maximize the retailer’s interest. According to the survey, retailers prefer to sell used clothes in bales of 45kg, with an average wholesale price of between $0.75 – $2.25 per kilogram of clothing. A package of clothes can then be divided into multiple grades for sale. For example, a pair of jeans can be sold for $8-$10.


       If you are looking for an excellent market to sell your second-hand clothes, the okrika business in cotonou is a great place to start. The demand for used clothing is high in this city, and there is a good supply of sellers. Be sure to research the market conditions and prices before setting up shop so that you can be sure to make a profit. Are you ready to explore the world of international second-hand clothing sales? Contact us today for more information about how we can help you get started.

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