Why Africans Prefer Used Clothes From China Rather Than From US?

Why Africans Prefer Used Clothes From China Rather Than From US?

Why Africans Prefer Used Clothes From China Rather Than From US

There are differences of used clothes between China and US

Many Africans prefer used clothes from China rather than from US, it has several reasons.

Chinese clothing and US clothing have formed their own distinctive style and used clothes system nowadays , which are difference in price, style, size, decoration ,color, level of used clothes and supply ability.

They have distinctive national character and regional character differently.

But the used clothes from China become most popular in Africa and other Asian countries.

There are several elements boom the market of Chinese used clothes in Africa and other countries.

It show 7 difference of used clothes between US and China as below:

1: Difference In Price

In China:

Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber fabric composition always are the materials of the used clothes in China.

Due to the cheap material and cheap labour , the price of clothes is cheaper than used clothes in US.

In US:

The used clothes in US use a lot of precious fabrics, in addition to oriental silk, brocade, velvet, senior wool, such as precious fur and the general subaltern clothes is wool, flax natural primary color.

A grade second-hand clothes are too expensive in US, and the quality of other grade of clothes is at common level.

Due to the material, the price of used clothes in US is more expensive than the used clothes in China.

So Africa and other countries can earn more profit by buying the used clothes from China.

2: Difference In Styles

In China:

Sagging lines, long sleeves and other techniques are commonly used to make the body appear slender, especially to make the limbs feel longer. The styles of Chinese second hand clothes are more suitable for Africans.

The characteristic of used clothing in China has similar characteristics with people in Africa and other Asian countries. Africans prefer the used clothes from China. The normal style of used clothing in bale are their favorite one.

In US :  

The characteristics of US clothing used  the open atmosphere and unrestrained temperament elements all the time.  The undulating facial outline and the tall and straight body of US form the styles of US clothes.  

Additionally, most Africa and other Asian countries do not like the open and personalize style of US second hand clothes. They prefer the Chinese used clothes to wear in their daily life.

3: Difference In Size

In US:

Most Americans are tall and strong, most of the clothes are plus-size. But some people in Africa can not wear the plus-size used clothes. Africans need various size of used clothes in market.

In China:

However, Chinese are similar in body shape with the people who in Africa and other Asian countries. And China has various size of second hand clothes to satisfy the various need and taste of used clothes .

4: Difference In Decoration

In China:

   From the view of decoration characteristics, showing two-dimensional effect.  The clever use of these crafts makes Chinese clothing simple in shape, but the patterns are colorful and beautiful.

In US:

Clothing adopts three-dimensional decoration has its wonderful place: first, three-dimensional decoration and three-dimensional structural modeling echo, natural harmony.

And the decoration of used clothes from the US usually have link chain, but some Africans like the easy-wear clothes without chain, because they need to do work anytime and anywhere. It is not suitable for people in Africa and other Asian countries.

5: Difference In Color

In China:

For the color matching method, bright degree, contrast of color is the traditional color matching method in China.  

Strong contrast of color in gold, silver, black, white and other neutral color buffer to cooperate below, make clothing is permeated with simple and easy atmosphere. 

Chinese people have a traditional love for blue, white and black color, such as blue printed cloth and the black one, which matching to the yellow skin color.

It is easy to harmonize them and produce soft color contrast effect.  

In US:

From the color matching method, it always use exaggerated color like the purple and yellow color in clothes, but is seem not fit the skin color in Africa and other Asian countries.

6: Difference In Selecting Clothes’ level

In China:

It has high standard of selecting used clothes in warehouse, it always select several level of used clothes, such as the A grade and other grade level clothes to satisfy the need of Africa and other countries.

And it has complete clothing sorting machine and disinfection procedures, ensuring the safe and clean state of used clothes in China.

In US:

  It may have selected several level of used clothes in US, but it have choose the A grade used clothes for themselves in US, they pick the common quality of used clothes to export to Africa or other Asian countries.

7: Difference In Supplier Ability

Due to the COVID, it has impact on the supplier ability in US.

In China:

Because of the policy of government in China, the operation of vaccinate, COVID can be quickly brought under control.

Due to the normal operation of factory and large amount of stock, China has strong supply ability to guarantee the export volume in used clothes industries.

In US:

Due to the COVID, the second hand clothing industry is seriously affected by the COVID in US. It can not quickly control COVID by taking little affect measures these time. Africa and other Asian countries can not get enough stock from the US as well as they can not guarantee the high quality of used clothes.

To sum up , it have more advantages to import the used clothes from China rather than from US.

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