Why do Japanese prefer to buy second hand clothing?

Why do Japanese prefer to buy second hand clothing

Why do Japanese prefer to buy second hand clothing?

Unlike any country in the world, Japan has a very complete second hand market.
     Japanese second hand is called “second hand,” which is different from the general impression of “second hand.” Japan’s second hand market has a completely different concept.

      In the huge second-hand goods industry, the most sought after industry is Japan’s “used clothes” industry and used clothing wholesale supplier.

“Fashion”-Japanese second hand clothing

     Those who really have specific ideas and experience on the subject of “what is fashion” understand that one thing is that they will not put the word “fashion” on their lips because of the two words “fashion.” The word itself is a very earthy word, and the moment these two words blurted out, I already went against the real “fashion.”
     In the same way, the so-called “fashion trends” that appear in every time period, as large as every year, as small as every quarter, are not really “fashion.”

    In other words, when you are following the so-called “trend” with the big army, you can buy whatever is popular and wear what you wear. You are already destined not to be exposed to the actual “trend” but become the victim of many conspiracies.

     It may be hard to imagine, but the fact is that even if you just follow the so-called “trend,” you are just being the victim in another sense.

The so-called “follow the trend” is such a sad and meaningless thing.

      In a sense, one can understand a person’s character and behavior to a large extent by looking at a person’s clothes. This is also one of the techniques used in cold reading in psychology. On the contrary, as long as you choose and wear clothes that truly suit you and reflect your soul, you can show the value and glory of your soul to outsiders. Even if you meet for the first time, you can know what kind of person you are from your dress, humorous or not good at talking. Clothing is also part of a person.

Own clothing

   But it’s a pity that most of the clothes now don’t have such functions. They lack individual styles and ignorant sexy designs. They have the same look. Wearing such clothes, the first time you meet, they will treat you in an instant. They lost interest because there was nothing more ugly than wearing clothes that didn’t fit.
     Just as the basic needs of human beings include clothing, food, housing, and transportation, “clothing” is even before eating. This not only refers to people having clothes to wear,or selling second hand clothes online but also telling people that people need to have clothes that suit them.

     Therefore, if you want to find clothes that can truly embody your soul, you can’t just look for the existing clothing system but explore a broader timeline.

Used clothes store

     At this time, it is the “used clothes store.”The Japanese used clothing store is not so much a second-hand clothing wholesaler store, as it is a clothing collection museum.
    Different from the clothing produced by the current assembly line, many of the second hand shoes for sale online are very historically precipitated clothing.specialized used clothes factories(furugi factory japan).And the top second-hand clothes factories in Japan are trusted by people in terms of quality and price.

In other words, the clothes in the used clothes store are not only clothes but also some historical relics.

     Then we might as well think about what kind of things can become cultural relics in general. The only things that can be called cultural relics are those that have real heritage value. After all, things that can’t stand the test of time will eventually disappear in the long river of history.

     In other words, the used clothes that can be collected by the used clothes store owner and placed in the store are all truly excellent and very valuable things.

The clothes in the used clothes store have so much “added value” than ordinary clothes.

    In terms of workmanship, it is different from the clothes produced by fully assembly line machinery. The clothes in the used clothes store have a lot of hand-sewn exquisite goods, which is hard to get now. Similarly, you can also buy a lot of luxury ichiban japan used clothing in the used clothing store, and the price is much lower than that of normal channels.
    Therefore, in this era of fast food culture rampant, people are more urgent than ever to find their true self through something truly valuable and connotative.

Japanese second hand clothing Conclusion

   And used clothes are a good choice. When we feel the history contained in the used clothes and the new things we dig from the depths of the soul when wearing the used clothes, we can also deepen our understanding of ourselves and explore Your true “shape.”

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